Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Silver Lock - Sold

Bought this silver spring lock charm in HK coz it was really unique. Don't think i've ever seen them before around locally. May this silver lock keep your dreams tight against your chest and never sway under circumstance. Afterall too many a times, we drift away from our dreams, too far to come back again. People did used to use silver bullets to kill vampies, the silver lock will keep it safe, unable to flee. See close up of lock & lock opened. All parts 925 Sterling Silver, textured rolo chain measures 18". A silver cleaning cloth is included with the purchase.

Maria - Sold

Maria full of cheerful colours, matched with the eternal gold combo make for an attractive, fashionable ensemble, ready for the weekends and for the weekdays. Moon shaped 14k gold plated charm complemented with pretty polymer clay beads for that bubbly, cheerful day. Maria measures 3.5cm excluding 14k gold plated earhooks.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Selene - SOLD

Mint alabaster faceted crystals atop gilded 14k gold plated twist leaves. Feels like fresh mint leaves in a cold mint tea. Intense yet providing relief to your parched throat in the scorching sun. Selene measures 4.5cm excluding 14k gold plated earhooks.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

In the mood for love - Sold

Yup, LOVE charm matched with an adorable fuchsia heart bead from Japan previously featured in these babies (Kitschy Love & Of Cherubs & Love). I'm now down to 2 of these beads, so once its sold it's gone. 14k gold plated chain measures 23", while pendant measures approx 3cm.

Silver Drop - Sold

A textured silver briolette pendant hangs off a 20" cable chain. I guess this piece doesn't have a really special story. Except that i love how simple it is, and the pendant in silver lends it a weight that i like despite it being hollowed out. All parts are 925 sterling silver. Pendant measures 2cm. View close-up of pendant here. A silver cleaning cloth included with the purchase.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Culinaire - Sold

Mini series of utensils accompanied by bling bling. Whoever said you need to be a celebrity for people to take notice at you while you have a meal? Culinaire will accord you the celebrity status you so deserve. Measuring in at 2cm excluding earstuds, petite star power is still guaranteed! Think Hayden Panettiere who's the current pocket rocket of Hollywood. ;)

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Rowan - SOLD

Rowan, is definitely not the little red one as her gaelic origins say she is. Rowan ties petite salsa cubic zirconia teardrops to gilded 14k gold plated rings with cloisonne fans to tower at 5.5cm excluding 14k gold plated earhooks. Definitely one of my most attractive chinoiserie inspired creations so far. Other views here and here.

I'm not worried, I'm happy! - SOLD

Picked up the girl charm at the bead shop and couldn't stop laughing nor thinking how adorable this is. Partially coz i had picked up these stickers with a girl's face that was similar and had this pout and a caption that said "I'm not worried, I'm happy!" Obviously a jibe about her state of emotions. Maybe i'll try to get my friend whom i've given the stickers away to, to snap a picture to show you the similarity. Added green apple charms that I picked up in HK and lovely Japanese glass beads with a rose pink crystal to top of this cutesy necklace. 14k gold plated chain measures 24".

Sunday, April 05, 2009

La Forketta - SOLD

Nom nom. Guess with this pair, nobody will deny you food anymore. Afterall if you have the utensils, you just need the hands long enough to reach it. Measuring 5.5cm excluding 14k gold plated earhooks. Eating has never been this fashionable.