Monday, June 18, 2012

Earring Addict Attends Teh Gu Lai Leow

Yes, we head out again! If you think that Earring Addict has gone fast & furious on you, yes we have. Only because I haven't found flea markets that I'd really enjoy going to, and since I've been asked to attend Teh Gu Lai Leow at Haji Lane, which sounds like a lot of fun, I didn't think I should say no.

This Sunday we hope to chase away your Monday blues with some gorgeous jewelry and affordable paintings. Ms LilleToots of Axe Marks the Spot & Who Moved My F*cking Words will paint a picture of you for $10. You can either pose or provide her with a picture and she'll work some magic with that neon pink paintbrush of hers.


p.s. And if you'd like to be kept updated on the nonsense Earring Addict gets up to in between making jewelry and attending events, click here to submit in total devotion to us.

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