Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Blushing Bride - Sold

The Blushing Bride features a petite pair of faceted rose quartz coins wrapped in vermeil. The gorgeous little babies are a mere 6mm wide (yes, less than 1cm). Despite the name of this baby it's perfect for daily wear and that special occasion too. The Blushing Bride hangs off 14k goldfilled earposts.


Azahara dorado laguna said...

Very nice earrings. Do you make them?

Dainty Life said...

Hi! if you make another one of this, let me know! thanks..

Dawne Lee said...


Hi there, thank you for your compliments. Yes i did.

@Dainty Life

Hi there, I may have another set. Could you drop me an email so that i can reply you from there.