Sunday, January 24, 2010

K + 79:1 - Half & Half - Sold

First of the Black & Gold collection, as the name of the collection states, it's all about black & gold, in colour and its various interpretations. It's definitely something edgier, funkier and more close to my heart than the other collections that i've come up with, coz it's just the way i dress. Also in the little touches where, i've tweaked it for that really personal feel, so I hope you like it!

A black cinnabar bead & 3 textured 14k gold plated rings hold fort in this design. Gold chains drape close against your chest, while the black chains go round your neck in Half & Half. To look at the close up of the cinnabar beads, go here, or at the other touch of personality, here.

Half & Half measures 34" and is completed with 14k gold plated parts & black electroplated (over nickel) parts.

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