Sunday, July 26, 2009

Flea & Easy - Beauty & the Feast *Updated 28 Jul

Heya peeps,

I'll be taking part at Flea & Easy's the August edition - Beauty & the Feast. It is next Sunday, 2 Aug, from 2pm - 8pm. Right now i don't have my stall number yet and blogger is not allowing my to upload pictures. Watch this space for more information leading up to Sunday.

My stall number is 57 & it's at the Zouk Member's Area (2nd level) at the round tables. I will be getting balloons to make it easier for identification. The colour of the balloon will be mood dependent, however if you do turn up wearing the same colour as the balloons, you'll get a little prezzie! Whilst stocks last of course, but i will try to make as many as possible :D

There will be lots of new stuff that i'm creating that you've not seen before. New bracelets with Karin's polymer clay, earrings & necklaces in whimsical & classical styles. I promise i will not disappoint. I will try to snap pictures, if time allows.

In the meantime just promise to come by and say hi. :)


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