Monday, May 04, 2009

Ametrine Dreams - Sold

Dream in technicolour of purple & yellow, the royal colours of amethyst & citrine. Ametrine is to me an amazing semi-precious stone that showcases nature's beauty at its peak of artistic endeavours. The original stone amethyst, when subjected to immense amounts of heat, turns to citrine. However heating may be irregular due to formation, shapes and a multitude of reasons, therefore resulting in what some may call half-baked Ametrine. To me, this is amazing, just coz few stones can call themselves a transition point of 2 stones! Ametrine dreams carry a 20mm faceted ametrine brio, draped over 14k gold plated fancy hoops. I've tried to pick the closest in terms of colour banding an intensity of colour as best as possible, seeing nature always dictates the designs, rather than me.

This would be a lovely present for mummy dearest coming this Mother's Day. A matching necklace can be requested, should you require a full set as a present. I do not foresee myself to be uploading much items, unless work proves otherwise. Reminder to self, never proclaim to everyone that work has been less taxing on me, unless i am looking forward to a huge wave that'll find me struggling once again. *slaps myself*

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