Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Silver Lock - Sold

Bought this silver spring lock charm in HK coz it was really unique. Don't think i've ever seen them before around locally. May this silver lock keep your dreams tight against your chest and never sway under circumstance. Afterall too many a times, we drift away from our dreams, too far to come back again. People did used to use silver bullets to kill vampies, the silver lock will keep it safe, unable to flee. See close up of lock & lock opened. All parts 925 Sterling Silver, textured rolo chain measures 18". A silver cleaning cloth is included with the purchase.


Anonymous said...

Tiffany & Co. actually has been selling this lock charm for a really long time, probably years.

Dawne says said...

Pardon my ignorance. Just did a search and realised that yes theirs is a similar lock with a spring mechanism. Thanks for the heads up Anon!