Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Lunar New Year!!

May the year of the Ox bring us stability, prosperity, good health and abundance. Especially in these times, i think stability & good health will really bring us through. Of course prosperity & abundance is an added bonus. :)

Have a Happy Lunar New Year! Eat more New Year goodies! Don't forget the pineapple tarts and most importantly lots of water! Falling sick after CNY is not the best feeling of all.

I will be launching a super cool necklace after the 1st day (apparently there's a superstition for businesses to be operating on the 1st day of CNY), so some time this week you'll get to see the necklace. I think it's absolutely cool & after wearing mine out yesterday and getting lots of comments about how cute & funny it is, i'm pretty sure you girls will think the same too! And there'll be a necklace for lovers who are looking a present for their gf's, Valentine's Day is coming soon afterall!


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