Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Grandma's Wisdom


How to amuse people around you

Think you need to show your wisdom beyond your years with an accessory? I'm sure this will do the job plenty. Ol' grandma telling stories and giving useful advice. Sitting you down and sharing cookies & milk. Always a shoulder to cry on. The chain measures 19", while the entire necklace has a drop of a necklace that is 24" long.

Retail Price: SGD26

*I've got my own (seeing how cute this is, how can i resist) and worn it for for at least 4 days. I've gotten a hit rate of 80% comments from friends & family whom i've met. They all think it's an absolute laugh. My friend's mom suggested for me to give it to my mom for Mother's Day (an apt present perhaps?), my cousins have offered it to their dad, my grandma has shook her head in disagreement. This is definitely one necklace everyone will notice.


Anonymous said...

Hi, would like to get two of this Grandma's wisdom =)


Anonymous said...

Hi, would like two sets of this.