Sunday, May 06, 2012

Novus - Sold

It's been a really long break for me since I last made any jewellery and posted them for sale. Occasionally I'd pull something out, make a complete necklace, not take photos & just keep them in a bag. Not quite sure why, but things got really stale, and I felt like I had nothing new to offer. I don't even know if this time round I'll manage anything spectacular, but I do have some beads that I don't want to keep in the drawers, left to be forgotten. So hopefully I do those beads some justice, and we'll see how things go.  

Novus means a new beginning, a fresh start. Hopefully I dig deep enough to find something, to call as Earring Addict's own once again. 

Novus kickstarts with a classic design that everyone is familiar with, Swarovski opal starburst matched with amethyst drops on sterling silver hooks for the starstruck and the bejewelled set. Plenty of pastel tones to fit into Spring's latest colour palette. The amethyst drops measure a hefty 1.5cm height, if i could measure it in carats i'm sure it wouldn't be a lacklustre number. 

Novus measures a total length of 32mm.

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