Monday, January 10, 2011

Aeryn - Sold

I've generally never been a huge fan of lockets coz the local supplies always didn't yield very pretty lockets, nor seem sturdy enough for long time use. But recently i managed to get my hands on a batch of heirloom lockets that were made from the same machines that made lockets 50 years ago. Yes, proper heirloom stuff made to last for decades.

I figured this locket would be a good piece of jewelry to start this decade. Aeryn features a thick brass filigree locket measuring 45mm width. I probably can't explain how good this feels in your hands, except that it's got a really good weight & sturdiness that you get when you touch good quality products. Some things just feel solidly built and give you that assurance y'know.

Currently on a 37" antique brass finished cable chain, length is customizable. For more views on this lovely, click here, here & here.

I know that the price may seem exceptionally high (and i'm not marking up much on it, not that i usually do but you get my point), but i'd assure you when this lasts you at least 10 years, you'd probably look at it differently.

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OakGem said...

WOW! This is stunning! Your jewelry is really lovely! But this absolutely took my breath away! So glad I stumbled on this blog! Will definitely check back soon!

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