Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Earring Addict x Open Doors

June July and August said
"It's probably hard to plan ahead"
June July and August said
"It's better to bask in each others"
- Feist, Gatekeeper

I'm back at my favourite jaunt of the year. So far Orchard Central has been the best for me to bring Earring Addict to. There's comfortable air-conditioning, food & coffee places for you girls to rest in between all the shopping & walking. Lovely, interesting products that other vendors bring in.

Open Doors needs no further introduction. The details are:

Date: 25th & 26th Sep, Sat & Sun
Time: 12nn - 7pm
Venue: Orchard Central, L1

and you can RSVP here. I will be updating with more information once i receive them and keeping you girls updated. To whet your appetite, i'll be bringing jewelry with the beads i picked up in Perth. They've been completed for a while and sitting in my box, so you will get to see them this weekend.


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