Monday, August 30, 2010

The beaches of Prevally - Sold

Hey babes,

I'm back from the hols, it was a fantastic week spent in Perth. The weather was absolutely delightful, it being winter & all. And the view was the most amazing! Being a city girl always makes me yearn for the tall trees, the meadows, the rolling countryside and the most amazing beaches.

The trip took me from Perth, down to Margaret River, down to Walpole & Denmark and back up to Perth. Along the way we stopped at the many beautiful beaches. This mother of pearl starfish & glass briolette sums up the gorgeousness of those beaches for me. Clear blue seas, and white foamy waves that crash up against the rocky outcrops. Such is the simplicity of nature.

I hope it conjures up similar imagery for you when you wear this necklace. A place of serenity of your own.

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