Sunday, March 14, 2010

Candy Cane - Sold

I apologise for the long hiatus, unfortunately my computer which holds pictures and order details has gone down and has yet to be revived. I'm re-shooting pictures of jewelry that has been completed, as well as trying to work out a system to monitor all the orders i have.

Here's the first of a few eye candy that will be appearing on this blog. Candy Cane's focal are the gorgeous hand-blown glass beads in red, overlaid with bubblegum pink. All making up a strong feature against your face for something to take to the weekends in. Candy Cane measures 3.8cm excluding 14k gold plated ear hooks. Do note that the handblown glass are not entirely of the same size, as with everything handmade, do allow for variance in terms of sizing and features.

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