Monday, December 07, 2009

Earring Addict x Fash Bash

The event was great fun & all the new faces I met! As well as some old faces! It was truly a lovely weekend, i hope all you ladies fulfilled your own retail therapy and some of the Christmas wishlists to alleviate that looming headache. :)

I will be uploading some of the stuff online after recovering from the tiring weekend (I was going through a bout of mild food poisoning while manning the stall over the weekends) as well as tidy up those accounts that needs to be done after every event.

I doubt i'll be taking part in anymore fleas for this month, or at least before Christmas, so I guess i'll just have to hear from you via email or facebook. Yes Earring Addict's on FB, if you haven't heard already. So yes do join us on the Earring Addict page.

See ya around!


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