Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Earring Addict @ Beauty & the Feast

Thank you for all who came down and those who came along and were wearing black tops with the black balloons, hope you liked your little gift. I had a really good time on Sunday, the stall location was pretty good (for me), i had 3 tables, a long sofa so that friends who came could sit down comfortably to chat, as well as friends of customers who were waiting for their friends to shop. Decent food, decent drinks (cheap martinis, I don't drink a lot but lychee martinis are really yummy), air conditioning & good music. Pretty much the best location to hold a flea. I sure hope those who came by enjoyed themselves too. If you didn't pick up something from me, then at least a buy from the other sellers. I saw some cool sneakers too. All in all, it was great fun, hope you did too. And for those who're new, hello!


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