Sunday, March 01, 2009

Laced - SOLD

Laced Black

Laced White

Was kinda busy over the weekends in Feb. Too many things happened, HK trip to visit a family friend (where i picked up these beauties), V-Day watching my bf perform with Mathilda & The Motherfunkies @ Esplanade and a passing within the family. Finally the last weekend of Feb to post something, perhaps just to cheer myself up.

Laced Black & White has lace in their respective colours encased in clear acrylic. This must be the HK version to these that the Japanese have. Wonder what would our local tapestry reflect. The pictures are colour accurate, as you might have noticed that Laced Black has black lace encased in clear acrylic that has a slight tinge of red. The teardrops measure 3cm excluding stainless steel earhooks / 14k gold plated earhooks.

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